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Come meet yourself anew through the most soulful photography meeting!


SOUL Photography is about capturing more than your image. It is about capturing this special something that makes you who you are: your Soul. I believe that what makes us beautiful is our energy and this is what deeply connects us to others. This is what I want to capture in my photography. Giving you an image of what shines inside of you.

The SOUL photography sessions are made in the studio or in daylight, inside or out, and include portraits and dynamic mid or full-body pictures. Each of these sessions can be the starting point of a therapy to unleash self-perception in the studio or with your therapist.


Meeting Session

45 minutes of Photography Session


Self-Discovery Session

Makeup Touch'up

1h15 of Photography Session


A Morning of Soul

A few hours to reconnect with yourself

3 hours to explore yourself through makeup and photography

A whole lot of pictures in a luxurious square album



A selection of the best pictures will be sent to you after the session.

About the sessions



The Meeting Session

We could nearly call this meeting a first date! The idea of this session is to capture you as you are. It's a 45 minutes meeting with me and my camera, in daylight. After the meeting, you will receive the best shots by WhatsApp.


The Self-Discovery Session

This session is what I call the"Soul Session". The session is my way of offering you the image of your Soul. One hour and a half of camera presence, including my special Makeup Retouch. After the session, you will have access to a gallery and later on, your best images will be sent to you in high resolution. 


A Morning of Soul

A morning of Soul can also be in the afternoon ;) This session is the Ultimate Present for yourself. 3 hours with me and my camera snapping your vibes, playing with makeup, with clothing, accessories, and light. Mainly playing with femininity. This session can be held in your own home or outside, in daylight or artificial natural lights. This precious moment will be yours forever through a 20/20 photography art book.



Therapeutic Meetings 

The Therapeutic Meeting is where we discuss actively self-image. Through the use of the photographs we made during one of the sessions above, we access the subject of perception. The therapeutic approach is based on cognitive-behavioral psychology. The meetings are accessible on-demand after any photo session. 



I came to you with two suitcases: in one, my fears. And in the other my masks. You looked at me. You really looked at me. Discreetly and deeply at the same time. For the first time, I saw my true face. Thanks to you, I now learn to simply BE.  Without fear and without masks; I finally learn to breathe. Thank you, dear Aline, for having been an authentic mirror.


Private Mirror through Photography

תודה אלין פריש יקירתי. ממליצה על הצלמת המקצועית והמדהימה הזו, שתפסה רגעי נשיות מפעמים ויפים כל כך בחיי וגם את הריוני הנפלא עם בני בכורי. אלין היא אישיות. אנרגטית מלאת חיות ,בעלת עין רגישה וחיבור מיידי למצולם ולכל פרט ופרט שעולה ממנו. מעניקה תחושת נינווחות אופטימלית. המלצה חמה. אל תהססו .היא תשמח להנציח רגעי אושר גדולים גם בחייכם. 
תודה לך אהובה.​


Therapeutic Photography, Boudoir and Pregnancy

I treated myself with a mirroring session for my 35 birthday and it was one of the best gifts I could have given myself. Apart from being a great photographer, Aline has a real gift of seeing YOU and understanding YOU. The pictures from the session were beautiful and most importantly, I came out stronger, more confident and glowing... the session was a starting point for many incredible positive changes in my life. Aline, thank you so much!

Giordana G.

Private Mirror (Makeup & Photography)

אלין לפני שבע שנים הענקת לי מתנה ענקית בצורת סשן צילום , שבסופו קיבלתי קליפ שגרם ועדיין גורם לי כל פעם להתאהב בעצמי ולזכור שהצבעים האמיתיים שלי זורחים ממני כשאני באהבה עצמית 


Private Mirror (Makeup & Photography)

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