The school Program

As social beings, understanding ourselves and others is essential. 

The school program is a dive into the inner and social self through perception.

Understanding perception means understanding the way we perceive life, what connects us to others, how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.


Teenagers are at this critical age where they have to deal with a lot of pressure and a lot of influences. Their self-image is in the center of their preoccupation and they rely on others to tell them who they are. This workshop is the place to take a step aside and get in touch with reality. Through a fun and dynamic discussion class, we are giving students a real understanding of what perception is and how it works. We both work on the mirror of ourselves as well as the mirror that is the other. Through creative writing exercises, group activities, art, optical illusions, and multimedia presentations, we explore perception from multiple angles and answering common questions like:


  • What is happiness?

  • What is the key to self-confidence?

  • How do others perceive me?

  • What is beauty, really?


This program is especially important our days as teenagers are obsessed by appearance and get lost into codes they do not understand. Most believe that happiness and success relies on beauty and belongings and they seems perplexed regarding their future. Their perception is truncated by all kinds of beliefs, proper to the era. Therefore, we are getting into subjects as:


  • How does the media influences our perception?

  • How abuse impacts our perception

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • How to have an efficient communication with others


By exploring:

  • Perception through optical illusions

  • Perception influenced by advertising

  • Perception through communication

  • Perception of beauty

  • Perception of self and self-confidence


The school program for students is a 5 meetings workshop (1h30 each meeting).

The school program for educators is a day program. 


The school program had his p remises 4 years ago when I've been asked to create a workshop for Gliksman Women's Shelter to help abused women to regain self-confidence. Since then, the school program has developed into a group workshop adapted to adolescents (15 years old and more - Kita Yud ). Since 2017, this program is part of the program of the Israeli Ministry of Education, and from 2018, it is given to teachers and educators. If you wish to introduce the workshop into your school, feel free to be in touch