Dieting and Body Image

Lately more and more people tell me that I lost weight.

And ask how I did it.

I’m nearly ashamed to answer.

No one will believe me.

No diet.

No sports.

No operation.

So what?


“That’s your secret weapon? Nothing?”

“Yep. That’s the secret weapon. Nothing”

I just did the opposite of everything that was ever told me to do.

I ate when I wanted to eat and what I wanted.

I’ve put my weight into the trash.

I accepted my body as is.

Instead of judging it, I embraced it.

I gave him back all the trust he lost in me during all these years of blame and dieting.

Instead of putting my energy in frustrating myself, I’ve put my energy in being myself.

I stopped looking at my body as an object of desire but as the house of my soul.

I’ve let him express himself and I responded to all his needs.

When I stopped trying to control it, I started to feel my body from inside.

And things changed.

Slowly but surely.

I am totally against dieting. I don’t believe someone can be in control and happy all his life.

I lost weight by changing the perception of my body.

And it works. I’m the living proof.

The path is still long.

I’m far from healthy.

But today this is my concern.

Being more healthy.

My appearance is important as much as it is at the time being, always welcoming the present as a reality to embrace.

My priority is to give my soul a body that can take him everywhere and do everything I might wanna do.

At a time being, all of us are facing the decline of our physical beauty. It is a reality we have to deal with. And my moto is: “the sooner the easiest”.

Looking at older women, the only thing I see is their spirit. Their colors. The beauty of their soul shining through. This is what I’m aiming to be. A shing soul. Not a perfect body ;)

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