The Therapeutic Photo Studio

Therapeutic Photography Studio Tel Aviv

This studio is the 1st therapeutic photography studio specialised in self-perception. It is a supportive and therapeutic concept studio.

Choice of the place

Easy accessible, quite, fresh loft in Tel Aviv area

Design of the space

Atmosphere: warm and cosy

Wooden floors (to be comfy even barefoot) warm colours (greige, orange, purple).

Designed as a hotel suite.

Credit article: Magazine, Adi Gilad Photography, Sally Chaprak's article

Therapeutic Photography Studio

Studio 1: Very luminous space - Light linen curtains to filter daylight. Background for clean photography

Studio 2: Flash lights, designing a warm cosy place that does not feel like a studio.

Therapeutic Photo Studio 2 welcoming you with "Body Talks"- Concept exhibition. "Instincts", 2007

"through different lenses" Modelling exercise

"Through Different Lenses"- Modelling exercise

Therapeutic Photo Studio 1. "Picturing Yourself"Exercise - Revealing self-perception

What's behind the mirror?

"Body Perception" Exercises: Refocusing - When styling and makeup connects body and soul

Face studio: Feminine Makeup Boudoir. "Revealing Yourself"

Weekly one-hour meetings to explore deeply self-perception.

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