photographers' workshop

"Two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different

Our days, a lot of people have a camera but what differentiates one photographer from the other? Even though doing a good picture is a question of mastering technique, what will make the picture breath-taking is the ability of the photographer to put his soul into the picture. Aline Frisch is the face behind Soul Photography, a new emotional photographic language. After 25 years of experience, Aline is known for her exclusive and recognizable photography as well as her generousity in guiding others. This workshop is designed for photographers and photography amateurs that are willing to upgrade their photographic game and create images that speak for themselves. 




Benefits of the Photographer's workshop

Mirror Photographer's workshop activities can provide some or all of the following benefits:

  • Improve photographic techniques (camera, lenses, lights, framing )

  • Learn to work with natural light in any condition

  • Knowledge about the business itself

  • Mastering emotional photography

  • Improve perception 

  • Identify your own special touch and how to bring it into your photography

  • Improve confidence in any future work

  • Mastering post-process

  • Improve communication skills with clients

  • Getting inspired and mastered by THE Soul Photographer herself


The photographer's workshop is adapted to your own needs and may be given as a private course or to groups