JOURNEy into perception


"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". Anaïs Nin

"אנחנו לא רואים דברים כפי שהם, אנחנו רואים אותם כמו שאנחנו". אנאיס נין

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Do you feel uncomfortable with your self-image?


This issue can be resolved by understanding perception.


Perception relates to self-image, self-confidence, relationships. It relates to absolutely every area of your life. Understanding perception allows to perceive life situations through a whole new angle and induce change. 

Join for a creative, intellectual, and inspiring workshop and learn to:


  • Understand the function and power of perception

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Recognise your own potential



Regarding the time you have and how deep you want to go into perception, a few programs are offered to you.


3 hours Group Workshop

Intro to Perception 

What is Perception and how does it work?

How does it affect our Life?


1 day Group Workshop 

Morning: Intro to perception. What is perception and how does it work? How does it affect our life?

Afternoon: The active construction of reality. How can we be active in changing our perception to attain our goals?


4 meetings: 2 hours/ Group Workshop

Part 1: Visual perception. What does it say about us?

Part 2: How perception influences our life and our relationships?

Part 3: Self-perception: what is it and how to change it? The truth about perceiving the other and


Part 4: The active construction of reality. How can we be active in changing our perception to attain our goals?


Individual Meetings

One hour weekly private meetings to works actively on personal perception issues.


“Journey Into Perception” is available to men and women, to small groups and large audiences, in private or corporate settings and is offered in English, French and Hebrew.



I attended the workshop and it was fascinating. It helped me be at peace with my image and the way I see myself. And with one sentence, Aline opened my eye about a parenting mistake that I make and that I was not aware of. This was totally unexpected and so beneficial for my relationship with my kids. I cannot recommend enough this workshop. It's a must for everyone who wishes to live a more fulfilled life.

Shelley Greiver


 It takes one to know one! Thank you, Aline for this wonderful afternoon: my intellect, my heart and my body are full of knowledge, new experiences, emotions and lots of good things. You rock!

Joelle Inowlocki

Tel Aviv

It was a beautiful moment! I loved it, I learned a lot. Thank you Aline for your generosity​

Muriel Anconina

Tel Aviv

I understood in half an hour things that my rabbi has been trying to explain to me for months

Giordana Saada

Tel Aviv

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