STOP! Rewind.Do a Workshop

Do you also need:

To take a break from old beliefs, from the same sentences, the same judgments over and over again? To let go of bursting emotions and just step forward? 


Then the SOUL Workshop will give you just the personal attention you need to understand, grow and change.

Join us for an intimate course to awakening, a safe place for renewal and an inspiring environment for women to be who they really are, not what they think they are. Learn how to embrace your powerful femininity and allow yourself to find balance between strength and sensitivity.



When? Starting February 2018

How? Just yourself in a homey place and your sweatpants

Who? A small group of max 10 women

What to bring? Yourself in the purest form. Judgement is not invited

During the SOUL Workshop you will: 

► Find some quiet time to recharge with renewed energy

► Improve the understanding of yourself. The way you perceive yourself and others

► Embrace who you really are

► Listen to your inner voice and be free from barriers and inhibitions

► Observe your feelings that arise without judgment and criticism


The Only Soul Workshop in the world is a safe and warm place to give your emotions support. A place where you have the freedom to let go, to release, to breathe deeply and to express everything that keeps you stuck inside: doubts, desires, fears, … 


The Soul Workshop is a place where women will inspire you and you inspire them.


What to Expect?

6 group meetings full of content, once a week, 3 hours per session 


Through art, photography and modeling exercises, discussions and much more we will focus on the goals below. Along the way we will get the help of all kinds of tools such as mirrors, scientific and practical background material and multimedia.


  • Self-confidence

  • Self-knowledge

  • Better understanding of the relation to others

  • Perceive the reflexion of our mirror

  • Understand emotions 

  • Improve self-image

  • Understand our body

  • Observe and release tensions

  • Analyze self-judgement

  • Understand perception

  • Get in peace with who you are


To Wrap Up


The Soul workshop is the place that will:


► Guide you to deep self-perception, analyzing your own perception of the world and of yourself, but more importantly how it influences you in every decision, conflict or communication.


► Use photography and art to explore yourself and learn about how you perceive life and what guides your decisions.


► Give your soul understanding, inspiration and inner peace.



When? Starting Starting February 2018

How? Just yourself in a homey place and your sweatpants

Who? A small group of max 10 women

What to bring? Yourself in the purest form. Judgement is not invited

About the Presenter

Hi. I'm Aline Frisch. I'm a photographer and therapist. My "thing" is perception. In 1993, I was a lost soul, a Belgian psychology student at the ULB in Brussels. I was struggling with my direction in life. Wanting to break free from the world that I knew, discover and explore. One day I took a camera in my hands and immediately understood the amazing potential this tool has in helping people. That moment changed my life. I moved to Tel Aviv and started photographing, experimenting with makeup and working my way to understand and practice all possibilities the camera gave me to use as a tool to self-growth. Since then, I empowered thousands of women in various projects on emotional well-being and self-acceptance.  I have an educational background in psychology and photography, more than 25 years of professional experience with image and women and a deep personal knowledge about the challenges. Because of, and thanks to my personal struggle with self-perception, reflection on others and vice-versa, I figured out a key for self-awareness and achieving fulfillment. On top of that, I’ve worked 10 years for fashion and beauty magazines. It doesn’t need much explanation that this was the best school for a psychologist to learn about perception and self-reflection. Today I work exclusively as a Soul Artist and therapist, dedicated to my project in teaching self-knowledge through perception.

Participation for the complete workshop

The workshop will be 6 meetings, once a week. Friday mornings (9.30-12.30) / Monday evenings (19:00-22:00). The workshop will be given in Hebrew and English.  To take part in the workshop and be informed about fees and future dates please fill in the box here under or call Aline 0544565870

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