"The makeup moment is a meditation moment for me. A face-to-face with myself.  With time, I realized that makeup allowed me to tame my self-perception. It allowed me to get above self-judgement to see my own assets and reveal them to others. Today I allow women to access their own beauty. Makeup gives me the opportunity to show them what to look at when they look at themselves, see their own beauty and shine it through".

Aline Frisch




The makeup workshop is designed to show you your beauty and teach you how to enhance your nature and to reveal yourself to others. Makeup can reveal you or age you. And as we get older, makeup application and needs are not the same. Our face changes and rare are the women able to perceive the beauty that comes with the aging process. Through a feminine makeup moment, we will rediscover the new beauty and put the accent on creating a makeup inspired by the colors of the soul. As a natural light portrait photographer and being making up women for photographs over 20 years, I know the tricks and tips to enhance natural beauty for each age and every skin type. 


Unlike makeup artists, my makeup skills are the result of my work as a beauty/portrait photographer and my path as a therapist specialized in self-perception and empowerment. My goal is to reveal you. Not to make you up.

  • I don't follow trends, except yours. I see makeup as an expression of oneself and the only rule I respect is yours

  • As a makeup addict, I am always in search for finding the best makeup at the lowest price and I love to share my findings

  • Practicality is essential. I know how to make women look her best in 3 minutes

  • Influenced by my Belgian education, finesse is a key. My makeup artists of reference are Kevin Aucoin, Patrick Ta, Lisa Eldridge... 

  •  I never create a makeup. I reveal a personality


The makeup meetings are a one-on-one experience, perfect mother-daughter adventure, a beautiful friendship experience or a special and intimate moment to live with the women of your life. 



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