Group workshops

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". Anaïs Nin

The workshops are available on the run and on demand. Feel free to send an email with your settings. To be informed about future dates, please subscribe



The Soul Workshop 

  • The mirror workshop is all about perception. As our perception is the only connection we have to the outside world, understanding the way we perceive is essential to get rid of repetitive patterns that give us the feeling of being stuck. Understanding perception allows us to understand ourselves and others, upgrading social interactions, partnerships, and relationships.Through different methods and techniques using photography, art and much more, the mirror workshops unsolve the mystery of perception, opening the doors to a conscience and successful life.



The Makeup Workshop

  • Self-perception is often a real issue. Most of us have a real difficulty to see the true reflection that the mirror gives us. Which makes it challenging to outsource our true self or the message we want to give to others.  As a natural light portrait photographer making women up since 20 years, I know how to capture a personality and bring to light the inner beauty. The mirror makeup workshop in a group is especially interesting not only as a "personalized guidance to makeup" but also a very special and intimate moment to experience between women discussing beauty, perception, and self-confidence.



The Photographers' Workshop 

  • What differentiates one photographer from the other is the person itself. Because photography is not only about technique. It's mainly about perception. How to create meaningful photography and master lifestyle sessions? What is the secret to create soul photography? This workshop is dedicated to photographers and photography amateurs that wish to bring something more into their photography, and create art above images.



Participation to the workshop

The workshop can be given in Hebrew, French and English.  To take part in the workshop and be informed about future dates and fees, or to order your workshop for your company or group, please get in touch by email or by phone and we’ll be happy to help.