The soul behind soul




My name is Aline F. Frisch.

I’m a licensed therapist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

but mainly:

- I have a very deep knowledge of the human being.

- I can see your soul and feel your energy which means that I read above your words.

- I’m very empathetic so you will feel very at ease to talk to me.

- I am the kind of therapist that answers your questions. 

- My motivation is for you to understand your blockages as quickly as possible.

- I don't force you into weekly meetings. Once we start working together, I am available on demand and you will always be able to turn to me when you'll need help/support.

How do I work?

You tell me why you feel that you need help.

I feel you through your words, your energy, your voice, your body…

For guidance, I may use your numbers, your planets or cards.

My mission is to help you live a fulfilling life. To allow you to move forward serenely. I want you to get to a place where your are able independently to make the right decisions. To help you embrace important milestones and the changes that they entail. I help you improve your relationship to yourself and to others by unraveling your harmful thoughts and false-beliefs. I am here to help you understand your own path in order to live it fully.

Meetings are held by video conference worldwide in English, French or Hebrew or/and at my studio in Tel Aviv.

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My path to HEALING


  • Observation of the human: Very young, I'm interested in understanding emotions. I analyse them in texts and poems,...

  • At 15, I am interested in body language and start to learn about it

  • From 15 to 17 years, I write a study about "subliminal advertising" and I discover the power of the unconscious

  • Early adult stage, I realise that unlike me, people are not sensitive to vibration.

  • Study of psychology (ULB Belgium): develops my analytical mind (experimental psycho)

  • Study of photography (INRACI Brussels): The discovery of energy and the problems related to self-image

  • Study of Behavioural Psychology (University of British Colombia)

  • My experience as a photographer: the relationship between photography and human perception

  • My experience as a woman photographer: women and their lack of self-confidence and distorted self-image 



My professional experience

1997-2005  Advertising Photography (De Visu for L'Oreal), Photo Laboratory (ACP Brussels), Portrait, Fashion, and beauty photography (Laisha, Cosmopolitan, Model Agencies). 

2005-2017 Soul Photography*, Vlogger for Saloona, 

My professional career has led me to therapy through photography. Feedback from my clients made me discover that my original technique of working with their inner light a therapeutic effect.

* Soul photography: a new language regarding photography. Putting the accent on imprinting the energy (the other light). Photography as an expression of the often unseen reality, in its simplest. Photography to reveal or release the soul.


My journey and my human enrichment

The mixture of cultures: Belgium and its people of the North. Emotional introversion and self-control. 

Israel and its multicultural nation. Extraversion. The human as its true rough self.

The Jewish ghetto of Antwerp, with the traumatic legacy of the past, the feeling of non-belonging and instinct of survival always on alert. My intimate relationships with women and their self-image through my own path and my art. My experience in photography is an amazing observing post.



Implementation of Soul Photography Therapeutic Sessions (Mirroring) and the workshops

2004 Implementation of Soul Photography

2005 Opening of the Therapeutic Studio 

2007 Art project "Body Talks". Self-portraits and intimate text

2008 Art project "Earth Talks". The energies of life

2009 Writing of the book "Le Roman" which deals with the subject of trauma

2010 Implementation of the Mirroring Sessions - Therapeutic Photography Shooting Sessions

2013 Implementation of the Makeup Mirroring Sessions - Youtuber / Vlogger for "Makeup for your Soul"

2014 Set up of the first Mirror Workshop for Mahon Gliksman

2015 Implementation of the School Workshop on self-confidence and perception at Ort Schools and Branko Weiss