“The happiest man on earth would look into the mirror and see only himself, exactly how he is.” Albus Dumbledore. Harry Potter.  J.K. Rowling


If you ask people what is the secret to happiness, no answer will be really relevant unless they talk about perception. Because eventually, we all go through ups and downs, happy moments and challenging ones. What will make the difference between a happy and successful soul and the rest of the world is a question of perception. The perception of oneself, of life, of relationships, of accomplishments...Our perception defines our choices, what and why we will do something or not, our vision. Our reality mirrors our inner world constantly. Understanding perception opens the pandora's box of our emotional self and opens the door to a whole world of possibilities. 


Through different methods and techniques using cognitive therapy, photography, art, multi-media, makeup, and other mediums, Soul unsolve the mystery of perception, opening the doors to conscience and meaningful life. 


Soul to

  • Understand perception

  • Analyse perception

  • Change perception


The "Soul Therapeutic Studio" has been founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2004.


Soul by Aline Frisch

Greenberg 6, Tel Aviv 6937912​

Tel: 972-(0)544565870​ (WhatsApp)

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